Camping Essentials!

Recently, I have been on a lovely weekend away to Warminster (Botany Glamping). It was gorgeous and we stayed in the most instagrammable tent ever! Whilst this was more glamping, we still had NO electricity and NO wifi! You’re probably wondering how I coped and the answer is……….. in the blog post, so keep reading ūüėČ

First and foremost, portable chargers! We actually were fine without electricity and lasted on a few battery packs. My mum borrowed her friends big, hardcore one that can be recharged with solar power and it can plug in two phones at once. This charger was brilliant and never ran out!img_1182img_1049-1

To answer how I coped with no wifi, I lived off of mobile data for the time I was there and that was pretty much it. Added to the fact I was busy doing, and not really having screen time it all worked out.


(Me enjoying myself at the zoo and putting down the phone for a while)

If you’re planning on going on a camping a camping¬†trip during the colder weather I would seriously recommend¬†blankets. Luckily for us, the camping site provided us with some but without them, I think I might have completely frozen! My thermal sleeping bag liner was a blessing too – nice and snuggly.img_1156

The shower wasn’t great and kept turning off after every 5 seconds so we didn’t bother trying to wash our hair. I wash mine about every three days anyway so it wasn’t that bad but to keep your hair in check I would suggest the ‘Aussie Wash+Blow in a can’. It’s alcohol rather than starch-based dry shampoo so no white bits left in your hair. It smelt good too.img_1181

I personally found that a pack of cleansing wipes was handy to have around. I could take off my makeup with them and use them if I had sticky hands or spilled anything. They were the perfect item to keep things clean and tidy in the tent.img_1177

Waterproof bags are handy in a tent in the cold weather because everything tends to get damp. However, if I left my things in a sealed bag I was able to protect my belongings from getting too dewey. ¬†(By waterproof bag I don’t mean some plain, uninviting plastic item, by all means, go all out with patterns and prettiness; just having a plastic¬†material that covers it is perfect.)img_1201img_1207

Cute camping mugs and marshmallows! You have to brighten up your camping trip with some adorable mugs. I loved drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows in them to make myself feel cozy (and warmer).img_2516

After going camping I’ve got into using hot water bottles again. Hot water bottles are so toasty and it feels like you’re cuddling a warm teddy bear.img_1220

I really had lots of fun camping although it was actually glamping:) I would definitely recommend¬†Botany Glamping for a fun weekend x I hope you enjoyed this blog post…

Love Jasmine xx





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