Holiday Outfits!

This is quite a random blog post but I was looking through my holiday pictures and thought I could share some of these great holiday outfits, perfect for a hot day but still comfortable to wear. I’ve included a couple of my sister’s outfits too because they are also so cute.img_0670

Shorts and a top were our holiday staples. I went for some light and dark denim ones with bright or patterned tops whereas my sister went for bright shorts with plainer tops. All these outfits were comfortable for relaxing or going out for the day. We both paired our shorts and tops outfits with some simple sandals.


These are our fancier outfits for going out in the evennig or eating out. I love my blue lace dress. It’s blue ombré and is absolutely gorgeous. My sister is wearing an adorable pink pinstriped play suit. It’s perfect for her exploring self because it’s comfy and loose. img_0442img_0430-1img_0455-1

We wore these for going out for dinner and along the seafront. My dress is a burnt orange colour with beautiful floral detail along the bottom. My nan got me this dress in Thailand and it’s perfect for hot weather. My sister wore a floaty pink dress with a floral design. This goes so well with a tan.


That’s all the outfits I have pictures of as a lot of the holiday we spent relaxing and opted to put down devices, cameras and just enjoy the moment. I loved looking through these and I hope you liked it too.

Love Jasmine xx


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