Back to School Haul!

One thing that I do love about going back to school is investing in some new stationery and school things. It makes going back after the hols feel a little bit better.img_0690

The first thing I bought was my gorgeous bag. I got it on holiday and I love it. I am only slightly worried that it is a little small but I will make it work because I love it so much.


In Primark, I managed to get some good school shoes.They are simple with a bar across and have a nice thick sole which should last a bit longer. While I was in Primark I also picked up some black hair bands as you can never enough hair bands for school.IMG_0708

I really wanted some basic trainers that were light and easy to squeeze into my bag. These Nike trainers were perfect and not too expensive.IMG_0702

I ALWAYS have hand gel in my school bag and my favourite brand for hand gel is Body Shop. They have a reallyyyy strong scent and it lasts for ages. It also doesn’t leave a sticky residue.IMG_0731

I managed to find a couple of good finds in Poundland. I got a three pack of lip balms which are always handy to have in your bag. I also found a five pack of glues as I prefer having my own clean glue to use at school. Lastly, I bought some A5 folders – these are great because they fit nicely into my bag and I can stop paper getting all screwed up.IMG_0687IMG_0698

You may have seen in my August Favourites I mentioned a Playboy body spritz. I got this for school and it has a lovely fruity scent.IMG_0653

My pencil case is from Superdrug and it’s actually a cosmetics case but it’s small and thin which was just what I was looking for. I got a few Uniball coloured pens that write beautifully and are lovely to use. To do my basic work with I have a black Vball pen which also writes smoothly. A handy extra is a green pen as we mark our work at school in green.IMG_0689

A bit of a random one – I bought this adorable pen with the fluffy end for my sister who is just started secondary school this year. I thought it was a lovely ‘going to big school’ present.IMG_0746

I wrote this in a bit of a random order but I loved writing it. It’s so much fun doing a bit of back to school shopping.

Love Jasmine xx



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