July Favourites! 

I know this is late but I completely forgot about my monthly favourites blog post! This has been a busy month filled with fun and it meant blogging slipped to the back of my mind as I did more enjoying the moment without pics or writing, but anyway…. July  Favourites here we are now😂img_0384

I have been loving this Boohoo bikini. It’s comfy and absolutely gorgeous. It goes really nicely with a good tan as well! It stood up well to the pool and sea and the colours have stayed fresh.img_9979

If you follow my Instagram you would have seen I got a new Pandora charm on holiday. It’s a really summery one and has sunglasses, a cocktail and a pineapple on it. I also love the engraved quote on the side which says ‘live in the sunshine’img_0526

Recently my favourite Netflix show has been Gilmore girls. I know it’s a bit of an old one but I love it. img_0382

On holiday we were given a unicorn inflatable by the people in the villa next to us who were going home. It was so great! And the unicorn definitely deserves to be in my July Favourites, it joined the Flamingo we already had. img_0182

Last year my friend got me this cute pineapple necklace as she knows how much I love pineapples and I’ve been wearing it loads. It just accessorises a summer outfit perfectly.img_0381

I hope this wasn’t too late and you enjoyed anyway. Happy August! (By the way – if you know who stole the UK sun, can we have it back now please?!)

Love Jasmine xx

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