My Most Reached For Sunglasses!

The sun is finally shining and I’m getting ready for it with all my favourite sunglasses at hand. I just bought a really fab pair which inspired me to do this blog post. I don’t tend to spend loads on really fancy sunglasses, in fact, all ones that I love are actually under £10.img_8484-1

First, let’s begin with my two pairs of optical sunglasses. I’m not a massive fan of the shape of them or style but they’re the best I could get at the time from the opticians and are comfy. I just reach for these lots because I can see everything so nice and clear. I like to leave a pair in my Mum’s car as in summer she often likes to drive around with the roof down and I like to see the clear views.


My newer pair.



My older pair.



These are just some old, comfy sunglasses from Debenham’s about 5 years ago. I keep them around just because they’re handy and go with nearly every outfit. My sister ends up wearing these a lot as well when she can’t find her sunglasses.img_7908

This pair is a bit funky but I got them from Accessorize in a sale once. I like the RayBan style shape of them and the black on white pattern reminds me of a Dalmatian.img_7905img_8485Oh,  now these ones are just lush. They might even be my favourite pair. They have big circle shades wide with a matte nude plastic frame and rose gold metal. Not only do they look fab on but they’re really comfy too. (They were from New Look – last year’s.)img_7887img_7895

My last pair are my newest pair and they are so trendy. I’ve seen these on different pictures and I was looking online to buy some but I stumbled across them for only £3 in Primark – I was so happy. I love them so much but they can slip off of your face quite easily … or maybe I’ve just got a small head?!img_8045img_8486

I’m really getting into the summer vibe now and everything is so colourful and happy. I’ve made my mind up that summer is my favourite time of the year!

Love Jasmine xx



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