How To Host a CHOCOLATE Girls Night In!πŸ«πŸ©πŸ‘­πŸ›

During May half term my family and I went on a mini-break to Bournemouth for a couple of nights. My sister, cousin and I collected a few things to have a chocolate girls night in. So I’d like to share some good products and ideas for you to have your very own chocolate girls night in.



First: Food… We had just had a three-course dinner at our hotel so we didn’t actually have any snacks but I’ve thought of some great ideas that would definitely be perfect for your chocolatey night:

  • Make your own pizza – You could get pizza bases and a selection of chocolate spreads, sweets, chocolate bars etc. It’s a great twist on making your own savoury pizzas.
  • Chocolate cake – Everyone loves a bit of cake, you could even make cupcakes together.
  • A Chocolate selection – Choose some great chocolate snacks like Maltesers, chocolate pretzels, m&ms, chocolate strawberries and so on. Present them beautifully on a tray in bite size pieces.

Basically anything with involving chocolate! If you go to your local supermarket I’m sure you’ll find lots.IMG_9946

We had Malteser hot chocolate which worked nicely with the theme. I would recommend this with cream and sprinkles! You could also have a chocolate milkshake topped with yummy things or make it easy and go to StarbucksπŸ˜‚IMG_9966

You could also set up some really cute chocolate smelling candles. I recommend having a look in Yankee Candle as they have a huge selection of fragrances and you’re bound to find a chocolatey one. I’ve even seen a White Chocolate Mint candle which would keep the theme going nicely!img_7834

Have you tried running a bath so you and your girlies can dip your feet in and chatter away with some music on and just relax? Well, why not try this with some chocolate bath bombs in there too! There are loads of chocolate bath bombs from the brand Bomb Cosmetics.img_7828

Don’t forget about face masks! We went to Lush to pick out a facemask and the lady in there was so lovely and tried out a couple on our arms. We ended up with the Cupcake mask which is full of real chocolate and pulled the whole chocolate girls night in together. The face mask was really refreshing and made our skin feel very glowy although we did find it a bit messy trying to get it off. (We were a bit scared of messing up our lovely white hotel towels!)IMG_9937

After you do the facemasks you could always use the Dove summer glow body lotion. This doesn’t completely go with the chocolate theme but my thought behind it was that it will give you a gorgeous chocolatey glow.img_9746

Lastly, chill out and watch a movie (maybe Charlie and The Chocolate Factory!) and don’t forget to take some really cute selfies and pics!!

Love Jasmine xx


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