My Pandora wishlist!

Pandora has really been a hit lately. I’ve had a Pandora bangle and ring since September. I really love them but my bangle is looking slightly bare. So I have a few charms I’ve got my eye on.20170418_190737787_iOS

The one I really like is the Midnight Blue Radiant Hearts Charm. I love how classy it looks and it would match my September heart charm.20170414_201312000_iOS

I spotted the Shimmering sentiments Charm in rose gold online the other day and I love it because it would match my rose gold bow ring!20170414_201459000_iOS

Another beauty is the Filled with Romance Charm in rose gold. My mum has it in silver and I love hers but then I saw it in rose gold and loved it even more!20170414_201151000_iOS

I have had a couple of incidents where my bangle has got caught and come undone. I want to keep my charms safer with a safety chain and I really like the Pandora logo safety chain. There are other safety chains I like as this is a bit pricey but this is probably my favourite.20170418_185632000_iOS

Also to keep my charms in place, I was looking at the clips and this Shining elegance clip is stunning in rose gold.20170418_185613000_iOS

Last off and a bit plain is this Pandora logo clip in rose gold. It’s not very detailed but I was drawn to its simple elegance.20170418_185702000_iOS

Do you have a Pandora bracelet? I’d love to know which things you like in Pandora. As always,

That’s all from me xx




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