Top 5 Pyjama Picks!

I love pyjamas! 💖 I crave pyjamas, especially after a day stuck in itchy school uniform. Anyway, I was looking through my pyjama drawer and thinking: ‘I love these pyjamas…..and these. Oh and these are defo my faves!’ And from that, the blog idea started writing itself. Let’s start….20170506_064635442_iOS

1. Shortie Pyjamas – I love my little shorts PJs, mostly for stylishness. They’re so cute and I always feel so happy when I’m wearing pyjamas that look pretty, plus it’s nice when it’s warm to get your legs out in the air.IMG_9299

2.Blue Stripe Night Shirt – I recently included this in a mini haul and I still absolutely adore it! It’s comfy and perfect to lounge in. It’s also been featured in My Relaxed Morning Routine img_9106

3.Brushed cotton Pyjamas – I like to wear my thick cotton pyjamas around winter because they are so cosy. I love tartan PJs and usually get some for Christmas although this year I got a lovely pair of robin pyjamas and they’re so soft that it feels like they’re giving you a cuddle each time you put them on – I put a picture of them up called Weekend Wake-ups.img_8728

4.Mash Up – It sounds odd but what I mean by this is a random fleece or cosy top paired with a random pair of pyjama bottoms or soft shorts. It looks terrible but feels lovely. for those days when it’s all about the snuggle factor.20170325_095640000_iOS

5.Satin pyjamas – I’ve only just started wearing satin pyjamas a bit more and they’re so silky and gorgeous. My cousin actually passed these down to me because she grows all the time whereas I’m still having to turn up the bottoms (bearing in mind I’m a year older than her!) These are a new find, but a good one!20170325_095926000_iOS

Hopefully, this gives you some good ideas when you’re next buying pyjamas I’d love to know what your favourite pyjamas are but for now,

That’s all from me xx

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