My relaxed morning routine…​

Who loves a lazy lie in sometimes on a Saturday morning? I know I do and that’s what this post is all about, well actually not the lie in but what I get up to when I finally emerge from the cosy clutches of my duvet! This is about those occasional relaxed days when you can take your time getting ready and enjoy it…..img_9894

9.00: I start off by brushing my hair – I always hate the feeling that my hair is a bit knotty from lying on it overnight and a good brush through always makes me feel instantly refreshed and leaves me with my with scalp tingling.img_9106

9.40: After brushing my hair and browsing on my phone, I’ll hop in the shower. Oddly although I might seem like the type of person who could spend all day in the shower, I only spend about 10-15mins in there unless I’m washing my hair – then it can take up to 30 minutes. A squirt of my favourite Lush products is a must.IMG_4022

10.05: While wrapped in my dressing gown and my hair twisted in a towel, I make my bed or at least try to with Archie (the cat) lying around.img_9124

10.15: Once I’ve fully dried off and made my bed, I get dressed for the day. I don’t take too long to get dressed because if I see a top/jeans etc,  ideas of what could go with it start filling my head. I try to buy clothes that ‘go’ together to make outfits.20170222_125135000_iOS

10.30: I eat something for a late brunch/ breakfast. I am trying to be healthy but if we’re being honest it will probably involve a pain au chocolat or some Nutella toast!img_9198

10.50: I do the usual brushing of my teeth and style my hair to suit my outfit or mood. I will also follow my skin care routine, helping my skin feel fresh and healthy. img_8607

11.15: If I’m in the mood, I’ll put on some make-up which is actually really relaxing. I’ll do this while watching YouTube (probably Sacconejolys as they’re my faveee!) and on chill days I like to experiment with different looks.img_9155

11.45: To finish up my morning routine I put on my jewellery and perfume, grab my phone and head out for some fresh air…20170222_125750000_iOS

I put some rough timings to give you a vague idea but it depends on the day really.This is a very relaxed weekend example, it’s a lot different in the week or on a day I have plans and want an early start! I hope you liked this.

That’s all from me xx

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