What’s in my sleepover bag!💗😴

This half term I’ve both hosted and been invited to a couple of fun sleepovers, so it inspired me to do a ‘What’s In My Sleepover Bag?’ blog post ,plus I had so much fun doing a ‘What’s in my bag‘ blog post and wanted an excuse to do something like it again. I’m going to stop rambling on now and actually get started…
20170222_131531000_iOS 1
Firstly and most importantly – my pyjamas. I like to take some cutesy ones that will look adorable if my friends and I take pictures together.20170222_124912000_iOS

Another hugely important item is my clothes for the next day. Note: remember your underwear – we’ve all seen it happen before whether it was you or your friend, it’s always an awkward situation that is best avoided! 😂img_9007-1

I always take a pared down version of my essential toiletries and makeup. I like to keep up some kind of a wash/skin care routine wherever I am and I will often take the basics for makeup because I really cannot be bothered to do a heavy makeup look after a long night of sleepover fun. Another note, remember your toothbrush because there is always someone who forgets it! 🛁20170131_195239000_iOS

I’ll take some bits and bobs such as a travel perfume, hairbrush, elastics and jewellery – just the small things that you need or like to have on a day to day basis.20170222_125750000_iOS

Phone chargers and electrics – I end up taking my lead, plug, portable charger and sometimes even my iPad although I probably won’t even use it.20170222_130037000_iOS

Last fun things that always end up on top is some entertaining things such as sweets, cakes, magazines and face masks. All the girly sleepover must haves. img_9024

Is there anything different that you would take?

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and for now,

That’s all from me xx

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