How I organise my life with lists…

This feels a little bit out of the ordinary but I’ve been using lists and a couple of diagrams to help myself to feel more organised day to day. Let me take you through the lists and charts I  like to make it easier to remember things and ensure life flows smoothly.IMG_8968

List 1. I make a ‘Daily Stick to Plan’. I actually type this up on my notes (on my phone) so I can take it round all day to tick off. I usually add things like: have porridge for breakfast, do some reading, start a blog post, do 15mins of exercise etc. Little, easily achievable goals for the day.IMG_8989

List 2. A blogpost ideas list. This is good for when I’m like “Oh! I need to write a blogpost but what should I do it about?” If I get time I can write them in advance and get them scheduled for the week.20170506_071849020_iOS

Diagram 1. A water chart – I am guiltily aware of needing to be better at hydrating myself and this is a good way to remember to note down if I drank enough!


Diagram 2. A five a day diagram. I colour in how many fruits I’ve had a day and I definitely need to get healthier.20170212_120252000_iOS

Mindmaps. Just an extra sometimes I’ll draw a mind map saying all the things I want to or could include in a certain blog post.20170212_121120000_iOS
I don’t do all of these everyday (who has time?!) but they are the ways I organise myself generally.Tell me in the comments if you do any of these and if you are going to, but as always,

That’s all from me xx

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