Valentines outfit wish list…

Well I haven’t exactly got a Valentine right now, but if I did have, and if I was asked out on a romantic date (day dreaming here a little…) I’d like some beautiful options for what to wear. I’ve been having fun looking at what outfits are online for Valentines and wanted to show you some of the outfits that would be on my wish list.20170506_063118430_iOS

Outfit 1. This is quite a casual one, not too much skin on show. I loved these rose gold metallic heels to go with it. I found 2 pairs in different designs, one has one strap over the toes and the other has five slim straps in Roman sandal style – either way they are both gorgeous. I matched this with a red lip and red nails.20170506_063118450_iOS

Dress –

Shoes one strap –

Shoes 5 strap –

Outfit 2. I like that this is simple but really stunning at the same time. This is probably my favourite. I love the lace detail, especially on the back. I styled it with pinky nude lips and suede pinky nude heels. I also think a lovely french manicure would look good with this.20170506_063118466_iOS

Dress –

Shoes –

Lips –

Outfit 3. This is quite risqué but a very iconic Valentine’s look. It has old school Hollywood starlet charm. The dress is divine and I thought it looked lovely with silver sparkly shoes and matching silver sparkly nails. As for lips I think it looks good with matching burgundy colour like the dress.20170506_063118399_iOS

Dress –

Shoes –

Lips –

Hope you liked these ideas and have an amazing Valentines  experience. If you are currently a single pringle like me then have fun too, I’m spending the night before with my bestie having a little spa session together so we’ll feel extra gorgeous on the day. (Just in case Prince Charming does pop up!).

That’s all from me xx

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