Canterbury with bezzie + mini haul!👭💗

Saturday 4th February. Hey so on Saturday I went to Canterbury with my ultimate best friend. We did a little shopping, made time for delicious food, and then the best bit… we were off to the Marlowe theatre for Pride and Prejudice. The shopping part happily included a little time in PRIMARK where we bought some matching pjs – totally feeling a sleepover coming on soon👭!! There is something about a trip out with good friends that leaves a smile on your face as well as giving you a chance to make new memories.img_5815

We loved Pride and Prejudice in the theatre and got swept away by Mr Darcy. Not going to lie another fave part of the day was our hasty run into Poundland beforehand to pick up what felt like every confectionary in sight – we stopped at the Easter eggs. This is a top tip for avoiding pricey theatre snacks! The show was great throughout and we managed to shuffle into some better  (empty!) seats with an even better view of the stage. We took a lot of selfies over the course of the day – I must have a million photos with my bestie as we never stop snapping them.20170205_105808000_iOS

On a random note anyone else realised how many Deliveraroo people there are around Canterbury? We always shout “hashtag Deliveroo !” and today I asked one “hey, where do you get your backpack ?- I really want one” he gave me the most puzzled look. I think it would be useful to have one!

We had dinner at Wagamamas – yum! I always order the chicken katsu without the curry. We all did our best with the chopsticks , no worries if it goes wrong, just go with the ones that look like tweezers. Food out is always more fun with friends.



Anyway time for the mini haul. I really didn’t get much but here goes…

I have been seeing all the blue stripe pyjamas on the internet and I loved them! In Primark I got my hands on a long night shirt in blue stripes with pale pink piping. It also has a little pocket which has ‘love’ in cursive writing  on it. Gorgeous!img_9106

I also snaffled some cutesy blue stripe shorts PJ’s and a little vest top to wear with it. These are the ones me and my bezzie got matching.img_8858

I’ve been wanting a new cosy hoodie for ages and I found a good one today. It’s a nice creamish colour and perfect to snuggle in . Unfortunately It’s in the wash so I couldn’t get a picture.

Random one but I got these hairbands for thick hair – hoping they won’t break as soon as it touches my hair!20170205_111403000_iOS

Well like I said it really was a mini haul although I have decided to add a pic of the sweets as that was really funny – we were running around picking up stuff like sugar starved maniacs! It’s fair to say we lived up to the old saying of ‘eyes bigger than belly’!20170205_000608000_iOS

That’s all from me xx

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