January favourites!๐Ÿ’‹

Hope it’s not counted as too late to post this but I wanted to update you on my January faves. Also you may spot some things from other blog posts – I’ll leave a link so you can you can check those out after.ย There are some real randoms this month but I think you’ll enjoy…img_5737

Well I have to start off with a cup again and this months has been Zoella’s “topped with cream and sprinkles“. Every night I make sure to fill it up with water and at least drink half. I personally feel if you have a cute cup it can help encourage you to hydrate more.20170131_172120000_iOS

Sticking to the Zoella theme I have just finished reading her last book: ‘Girl Online Going Solo‘. I have now read all three and loved all three. It will annoy me that I read the second one on kindle so I don’t have the hardback copy.๐Ÿ˜20170131_171449000_iOS

I now know a lot more random information as my lovely mum has let me borrow her vintage radio because she could see it looks so cute displayed in my room. (Maybe she will forget it’s there?!) I use it as my alarm in the morning and I find it much better than a loud “riinngg!!” that jolts me awake.20170506_073425000_iOS

During this dreary month my skin has become a bit dry and I have been living for my ย Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion. I have been using a couple of Clinique bits and I totally recommend! It has helped me keep my skin silky soft. You might also have seen this in my pamper night routine.20170506_073546759_iOS

I have slightly hooded eyes and so I find matte eyeshadow looks better on me, especially in my crease. If you’ve read my go to beauty buys you will have seen this Makeup Pro London Paletteย but I’m going to show you the specific colours I’ve been using.


Lastly I haven’t had this item long but I have already fallen in love so I think it should count: it’s my Hollywood Style Mirror. It’s got warm lighting round it and looks ever so glam. When I stand in front of it doing my hair, make-up etc. I feel like I’m about to go on a film set afterwards, or a glam photo shoot๐Ÿ’„. It’s quite fun!20170506_073646322_iOS

What have you been loving this January?Hope you liked this and…

That’s all from me xx

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