Vintage Weddings!❤️

This may seem totally random but when tidying a few things out the other day I found the most gorgeous magazine about vintage weddings. I couldn’t stop staring at the stunning dresses. Here’s a few snippets and opinions. (Btw. you are about to experience some ‘on point’ brows!👀)

Say yes to the dress!


Of course we have to start off with the heavenly wedding dresses and how they evolved from 1915-1953.

1915-1930. All the dresses from within these years don’t seem to have changed in style much . They’re not very fitted, but elegant all the same – definitely a lot different from nowadays.

1932. The dresses are much more form fitting 2 years on and more glam – much more my style!

1933-1935. I think the dresses in these years are similar to the one from 1932 except in 1935 they become a bit tighter and both have long seams running down the front.

1947-1948. The dress examples shown in 1947 look very plain but have a V-line waist whereas in 1948 there is exquisite detail and the neck line comes down low. I personally prefer the 1948 for its divine lace  design.

1952-1953. It looks like the headdress and high neck are back in fashion. There’s so much detail on these dresses but I most of all love 1953s’ satin jacket! Where can I buy one?! I’ve realised that the skirts are full and voluminous unlike in 1935 when they were extremely fitted.

Which dress did you like most? Mine was probably the 1948 one.



These hairstyles are so glam – I want to try in my own hair! Also can’t look at these pictures and not mention anything about 1948s’ eyebrows – on fleeekkk!👌🏻😻

Those Eye-Brows !


I was flicking through and nearly missed this…eyebrows! It seems in 1928 it was all the trend to really thin your eyebrows as it makes the face SO tidy. Mmmmm – not rushing for the tweezers just yet.

Bridesmaids dresses!


You can’t forget the bridesmaids dresses! Here’s how the bridesmaid dresses evolved from 1915-1947…

1915. I’m not sure what I think about these dresses but is it just me or do the women look a bit snooty? I don’t like to judge, but just saying…….

1924 – 1926. I’m not keen on the low waisted dresses but somehow the women in the drawings pull it off so well. They look so classy!

1930 – 1935. The dresses are a bit more fitted  and look so pretty. The 1932s’ first picture has the most splendid sun-hat.

1939 – 1947. These dresses are much fuller and the puffy sleeves make giggle slightly. I love the style of the 1947 dress. It’s all a bit Disney princess/Princess Di.

Also these little bridesmaids make me squeal at how adorable they are!😱 Isn’t it just every little girls dream to have a dress like one of those snow-white frocks ?(I know I would have been so thrilled to have one when I was little!)20170129_102305000_iOS

Nearest and dearest outfits


1915-1928. The outfits for 1915 and 1924 aren’t really my style but the 1928 outfit is quite chic.

1935-1953. I love these so much – It makes me wish I was a young adult in those times – I mean look how fashionable they are!

Trousseau treasures (honeymoon outfits)


These outfits are just perfect for a casual but elegant look. These are obviously very strategically thought out outfits so you can be comfy while sightseeing and exploring all day but enough to be pleasing to their new hubbies.Ahhh , just a different time!

I can’t get over the magnificent outfits that I’ve seen and information I’ve learnt about vintage weddings. It makes me want to completely re-deck my whole wardrobe. I’ve also officially run out of adjectives to describe each marvellous (found another one😂) outfits and details. Well then…

That’s all from me xx

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