My “go to” beauty buys…

I’m not a beauty guru and I don’t have the best make-up selling, I just have what works for me at the moment. Also, I don’t wear make-up every day; mostly on the weekends or during the holidays. So when I do decide to put on makeup-up these are the products that I use most…


Firstly, I don’t use foundation – my skin is just fine without at the moment. I’ve just started using primer and finding this ‘studio 10’ one very good. These two concealers are the ones I reach for most. The true match one is so lovely at blending in smoothly and the so clear one makes my face look a bit brighter. 20170108_100004000_iOS

Next… powder. I use the ‘miss sporty’ one although I need a new one because I dropped and cracked mine. Is there any that you could recommend?20170506_101837968_iOS

In the winter I usually use my bronzer as a light contour. I have a highlighter but I don’t use it as often. This bronzer from w7 is good and It’s the one I always grab.20170506_102044316_iOS.jpg

Now my most used blusher is very cheap – one pound in fact😂.  I needed a quick blusher one day so picked it up as an “It’ll do for now one” but I’ve kind of grown to quite like it with my skin colour. The other blusher I reach for is my w7 one (on the right), It looks so good under a bright light because it shines stunningly. 20170506_102428882_iOS

My favourite part – the eyes! I love the autograph range in marks and spencers. I got this beautiful pallet for Christmas in 2015. It was limited edition which is a shame because when it runs out I can’t re-buy it. The colours are so pigmented and easy to apply.20170108_095043000_iOS

Next – eyeliner! I love eyeliner, I’m constantly experimenting different styles. Anyway, I mentioned this in my December favourites but the one I’m using at the moment is the Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner. 20170108_100430000_iOS

Time to finish off the eyes with mascara. I use the w7 flirty eyes one. It really makes my lashes long and pretty.20170108_100051000_iOS

Eyebrows. I used to use this essence eyebrow pencil but I’m actually more into the powder. Unfortunately, I’ve just run out of powder so I’ll have to get some more at some point. I also love the benifit ready set brow gel – It keeps my eyebrows in place all day.


And finally lips. My all time fave lipstick is my mac one in the shade half ‘n half. Before putting on my lipstick I always put on lip balm is this Burt’s bees peppermint one is lush.20170108_100147000_iOS

I hope you liked this and it gives you some good ideas next time you go drugstore makeup shopping.

That’s all from me xx


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