My first blog..

 Hey, probably no one is reading this but I want to start this blog so I could share things I love and indulge in.  I love photography and taking Layout pictures (they’re my fave pictures to set up and take).  So many people like Zoella and Anna Saccone (I’m a big fan of the Sacconejolys) have inspired me on YouTube and I love reading the blogs so I thought I’d have a try.  By the way I’m copper and rose gold obsessed 😂.  It’s just been Christmas – literally two days ago!  So I’ve got lots of new Pinterest things to share with you and this year I got the Marks and Spencer beauty calendar so I also have plenty of new skincare/beauty products.  I’m thinking of doing a December favourites blog which should be so much fun.  Also I’m not trying to copy – Zoella with my username: my first name is Jasmine and my middle name is Ella so that clears that up.  Anyway, I know this has been a short blog but I just wanted to explain what this blog is about and what you are going to be seeing on here. Xx

3 thoughts on “My first blog..

  1. juliasminibox says:

    Hey great blog! Just keep writing and you’ll do well. Would be great if you could check out my blog too, just started 🙂


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